Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Barcelona 10 - Park Güell

Barcelona 10 - Park Güell

This will be the last photos from Parc Güell for now. I've shared a few photos of the crowds, of individuals, and now some highlights of this very interesting park, designed by Antonio Gaudi, that overlooks the city of Barcelona, Spain.

The first two photos show a dragon fountain near the entrance to the park. It was difficult to get decent photos of the dragon because there were so many people around it. The second shows columns that support an upper court. I found it interesting that not all the columns were vertical. The third image shows part of one of the interesting buildings at the entrance to the park. I only included the top portion to avoid including people in the photo. The others show some of the interesting designs of stairways, balconies, windows in the house that Gaudi resided, as well as other unique artwork.

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