Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pompeii 5

Pompeii 5

In Pompeii excavators found many frescoes that showed erotic art much of which is considered pornographic today. For many years, the art was closed to the public, but today it is open even though minors still need the permission of parents before viewing. Our tour didn't take us to see this art, but I was able to photograph a few frescoes that were on outside walls.

The first two photos show the same piece of art. I wanted to show you how faded it looked on the walls after being buried for 1700 years. In Picasa, a free program from Google that I have recommended in the past, a click on one button adds more contrast and colour to the scene. I've uploaded a few more of the frescoes to my Blog this morning - Photo of the Day Blog.

There are still quite a few columns standing in this ancient city and I made photos of several which I have also uploaded to my Blog this morning - Photo of the Day Blog.

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