Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tilting - 1984 - 5

Again today I would like to share a comment from a member of this list:

I had an e-mail from my friend who told me that in your first picture of today's photos, she noticed her uncle Dan Greene's boat, he is an elderly gentleman now and not well. The photos brought back memories for her. ... Just a few great photos do spark a lively conversation among people, don't they?

That comment shows the power of a photograph. I just happened to make a photo during a trip to Tilting twenty-six years ago and the image is now evoking memories in people I do not know. The memories the images bring back to me are different than those who live(d) in the small Fogo Island village. For me it is the sights, sounds and the things I chose to photograph, but residents can identify boats, stages, or houses and how they have changed over the years. The photos also bring back memories of their lives in the community many years ago.

I like the first photo because of the old picket fence built along the side of a rocky outcrop that overlooks the harbour. I liked the peaceful scene in the second photo - the clear blue sky, predominantly white houses, and boats in the harbour.

In the third image, a man walked into the scene as I stood on a fish flake looking towards a number of fishing stages. Until I scanned this photograph, I didn't remember photographing any people that morning. Maybe someone can identify him based on the location and date (Summer 1984). I looked closer at the person and I think he was probably in his twenties in 1984, which would make him in his fifties now.

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