Sunday, January 24, 2010

S - St. Shott's

This tiny town is located on the southern tip of the Avalon Peninsula. I have visited St. Shott's several times since moving to the east coast of Newfoundland in 1981. The reason I visited often was to photograph the woodland caribou herd which numbered close to 5 000 and which migrated to the area every summer.

I chose photos this morning that will give you an idea of what the landscape looks like in this area: fairly flat, no trees, and a fairly big river running by the town. A while ago I mentioned that sometimes I include roads to provide visual details about towns and villages.

If you are travelling along the Irish Loop, I recommend a 10 minute drive off the main road to St. Shott's. If you happen to be there on a foggy day, which happens often in this part of the province, don't let that deter you for I have several great photos taken in St. Shott's and surrounding area when it was enveloped in thick fog.

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