Monday, January 11, 2010

F - Field Trip

Coincidently, while thinking of photos that I could use for the letter F, I scanned 5 images of a field trip I took with my grade 6 class in Norris Arm in 1980. I was a science teacher and often took my class on outings, one of which was a winter snowshoe hike to explore the environment. We looked for and identified animal tracks and built a bonfire on which we cooked lunch.

I know that a few of the students in the photos are on my Photo of the Day list and suspect they will be surprised to see themselves as they looked 30 years ago. These images were photographed using Kodachrome slide film and I don't think the students ever saw them. I have seen them a few times over the years so my memories of the event have been refreshed a few times.

I have often said that photographs are "memories captured" because when I look at an image, it is like opening a file folder full of memories. I am interested in knowing if these students remember the field trip once they see the photos.

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