Sunday, January 10, 2010

E - Elliston

Elliston is a scenic and historic community located on the Trinity Bay side of the Bonavista Peninsula. I was last there in August 2007 and discovered that you can observe and/or photograph puffins from fairly close range. This morning I chose to share photos of people that were around the town on that beautiful summer day.

The first image shows a group of people watching the puffins and herring gulls resting on an island just off shore. We stopped to chat with the young girls who were providing information about the trail to the puffins. The gentleman in the last photo was checking out the vegetable gardens on a cliff above the ocean and agreed to be photographed. I used the built-in flash on the camera in order to get details in his face. Occasionally people will ask why I use a flash when it is very bright outside and I tell them that it provides enough fill light to add details to shadows.

When I approach people who know I am taking their photos I always tell them that I am a freelance photographer and ask their permission to take photos of them. I also give them a business card and tell them that I will send a digital copy of the photo. Very few people contact me afterwards - I guess business cards are easy to lose!

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