Thursday, January 21, 2010

P - Point la Haye

Point la Haye is located in St. Mary's Bay and today's photos were taken near the lighthouse at the end of the road through the town. I have been there several times and photographed the sedimentary rocks each time. I can only imagine the tremendous forces in the earth's crust that can cause solid rock to bend and fold. These rocks have been pushed up nearly 60° from their original horizontal position. Of course, the recent earthquakes in Haiti show the destruction that can be caused by sudden movements in the Earth's crust.

Power of 6 (Update)

Several people have asked about the Power of 6, a business run by six eleven year olds at Mary Queen of Peace School. I met with them on Tuesday and they have decided to donate $6 000 to help people in Haiti. These kids are amazing! They have worked diligently for three years and have over $5 600 in the bank. The school will top up their donation to $6 000 because they are proud of this group of children and what they have accomplished in two years. I am hoping that their story will be covered by the local media and inspire others to help out.

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