Saturday, January 16, 2010

K - Kitchuses

Kitchuses is located in Conception Bay (near Conception Harbour) and my last visit there was in 2001. I will have to go back there this summer to photograph the same houses that are displayed in today's photos. I remember driving to the end of the road and following a trail that took me to the ocean. I walked a while and could see part of the town of Bacon Cove from my vantage point on the cliffs.

The house in the third and fourth photos was near the end of the road and appeared to be in pretty bad shape. While I was photographing it I saw several cats around the outside of the building and a few looked out through the windows. When I stopped to photograph the house in the last image, I heard a dog (or two) barking from inside the house. I thought it had been abandoned, but since there was a dog inside, I assumed it was being lived in at that time. It will be interesting to photographing these houses when I visit the town again this summer.

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