Tuesday, January 19, 2010

N - Narwhal

Today, I chose photos of a narwhal that visited Conception Bay in the summer of 2003. You can imagine my excitement at the opportunity to photograph this rare whale (in this part of the world) . On each of four different trips to photograph icebergs, this whale surfaced near our boats and even stopped to take a look at me a few times. This narwhal's tusk was about 2.5 feet long and its body was around 18 feet long. It was very curious about boats and seemed to like hanging out underneath them, especially when boats' motors were running.

To capture the above shots, I sat in the bow of a small boat and waited for the whale to come up for air. It followed our small boat for quite a while and I was able to make several images. I think it was as curious about me as I was about it.

Feel free to check my Narwhal Galleries: http://www.lanephotography.com/whales/narwhale2.htm

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