Thursday, January 14, 2010

I - Icebergs

Photographing icebergs is another passion of mine. If I see one and have my camera, I photograph it! Simple as that. I have learned that my favourite photos of icebergs are those with reference points that show their massive size.

The first photo shows an iceberg about a mile off shore. It has an interesting shape, but just how big is it? The second photo was taken later the same day as I drove along the highway and saw the house with the iceberg in the background (over a mile away). This view lets you see its size in relationship to the two-story house. You can see that the iceberg is much higher than the bow of the boat in the third image. The people in this photo make excellent reference points.

My son Mark and I created a DVD with 7 shows about icebergs with soundtracks by Newfoundland musicians. More information about this DVD can be found at:

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