Thursday, June 07, 2012

Humpback Whales 4

Humpback Whales 4

The whales I photographed in the evening weren't as active as those I shared photos of for the past few days. In fact, they weren't diving very deep because we hardly saw a whale's tale. The few we did see were fairly close as you can see in today's photos. Since we were in a boat similar to the one in a few of the images, we were close to the water and had a good view when we did see one. If you are interested, we took both our tours with Ocean Adventure Tours in Bauline East.

Mark was leaning over the side to make photos and, because he was in my way, I decided to photograph him in the scene. Though the whale's tail was only partially out of the water, the boat in the background added interest to the third photo. I've uploaded more of this sequence to my Blog this morning.

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