Friday, June 29, 2012



Today I am sharing 10 photos of flowers taken in my yard three days ago. I thought that you would enjoy seeing some of the plants that are in bloom here this time of the year.

It's been an odd year - April and May were nice and we broke the high temperature record at least once. I did a lot of preparation work in my gardens - no flies that time of the year! Then it was rain, drizzle and fog for three weeks in June. We had a few great days last week and this week it's back to rain, drizzle and fog with lower temperatures. My tomato plants were killed by frost on June 10 and the potatoes, green peas, carrot and lettuce have been growing for about a week. The rain we had for the past two days really helped the gardens.

Last week my grandson and I walked around the Salmonier Nature Park, located on the Salmonier Line here on the Avalon Peninsula. During that last trip, many people were a little disappointed because they walked through the park without seeing many of the animals. It was a warm, sunny morning and most of the animals were hidden away, probably trying to keep cool. I've been there many times since moving to Holyrood thirty years ago and have photos of most of the animals. I plan to start a new series - Salmonier Nature Park/ Animals of Newfoundland and Labrador so that people who visit will have another place to view some of the animals they missed.

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