Monday, April 16, 2012

San Juan 8

San Juan 8

Today's photos were taken as I headed back through Old San Juan towards the cruise ship. As I explained previously, I am sharing photos of my recent photo trip to Florida and and the Caribbean. I walked along the narrow streets looking for interesting things to photograph.

According to our tour guide, the stones in the roads of the Old City were brought to Puerto Rico from Spain. They used them as ballast and when they headed back to Spain gold was used as ballast. Apparently Puerto Rico had lots of gold which was all taken away by the Spaniards who controlled the island. In fact, Puerto Rico translated to English means "rich port".

I photographed many doors and windows as I walked along and the wrought iron gate attracted my attention as did the iron chair sculpture. As I chose this morning's photos I found it interesting the number of abstracts I took along this stretch of road.

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