Sunday, April 15, 2012

San Juan 7

San Juan 7

Our tour ended in Old San Juan where we had a choice to walk back to the ship or continue on the bus. I chose to walk so I could take photos of the old city. For the next few days I plan to share photos I made during my walk back to the cruise ship.

One of the first sights I saw was a homeless person sleeping on the narrow sidewalk. I made a couple of photos of this person who was oblivious to the people walking by him. It is a sad comment that people have to live this way. I was a little nervous while making this picture but since no passers by even glanced towards the person lying there, I figured no one would notice me either.

Walking the streets of Old San Juan reminded me of Barcelona, Spain. Most buildings had balconies and there was a Spanish "feel" to the city. I made many images of the buildings, windows, doors and anything that caught my attention. I walked in the general direction of the ship but explored many side roads along the way making photos everywhere I went.

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