Thursday, April 12, 2012

San Juan 4

San Juan 4

Unfortunately I forget the name of this beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean part of San Juan. It was the third photo stop on our tour of Old and New San Juan. I only had 15 minutes to make a few photos of the beach and surrounding area. I walked as fast as I could up the beach, then, when I thought time was running out, headed back towards the bus. Of course I was the last one back, again.

The guy on the beach in the first image was picking up recycling on the beach. The waves were pretty high and if you look at the images above, you can see that I waited for the waves to hit their highest peak before making some of the photos. I liked the footprints in the sand and found the hotel swimming pool that nearly touched the beach to be interesting. You can certainly tell by the palm trees that it was a windy day with salt spray and sand (very bad for cameras) blowing around. The sand is encroaching on the concrete and lawn in the last photo. When I reached this point I could see the driver of the bus waiting so I headed back right away.

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