Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You can see from yesterday's and today's photos that it was an overcast day when I visited Greenspond back in July, 2006. Upon my arrival in the town I walked around the harbour making photographs along the way. I always find that I see a lot more while walking than driving.

The first photo was taken during my walk around the harbour. The fishing stages were in good shape but the layout of the town made it virtually impossible to photograph them. One would need to be in a boat to make good photos of the individual stages.

The second was taken from a lookout on a high hill and shows a view of the harbour. You can see that the road goes around the harbour, but I didn't feel comfortable walking onto private property to take photos, especially because the town was in mourning because a fisherman had died at sea the previous day.

The third shows the historic post office. There were a few more yellow buildings in the town, but most of them were white.

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