Saturday, April 05, 2008

Guess the Theme

One person on my list suggested an interesting theme for my Photo of the Day. Over each of the next few days, I will send two photos that have something in common and it is up to you to guess what the theme is. I am not sure how difficult or easy this will be, but will continue until someone guesses the theme correctly. Good luck with it. I will send a larger image suitable for your desktop to the first person who figures it out.

The first photo of the iceberg was taken in Witless Bay in July, 2003. I was travelling to the islands in the background to photograph puffins, but couldn't resist photographing the iceberg along the way.

I photographed the dolphin in Busch Gardens, Florida in 1980. I enjoy photographing dolphins and whales in the wild, however, the opportunity to capture them in an aquarium also makes for a few interesting images.

Feel free to check my Icebergs Gallery at:
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My photos yesterday were taken in Summerville, not Summerford. Summerford is in Notre Dame Bay, but Summerville is in Bonavista Bay. Up too early!! :)

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bearkat said...

good morning bruce.....hmm....icebergs are in the ocean...and dolphins as well, when they aren't in could that be ocean??????? have a good day!!! :)