Friday, April 18, 2008

Signs of Spring

We have had snow on the ground since December 1 and it is finally beginning to melt. I walked in the woods for an hour on Tuesday night (without snowshoes) and there was still quite a bit of snow in the woods. In clearings and wider trails, however, the snow is melting quickly and I was glad to notice a few signs of spring. I could hear robins singing loudly and there are sounds of many more birds than when I last walked up there.

The first photo shows the top of a small fir tree with the snow melting around it. You can see the buds on the very top of the tree just waiting for a stretch of warm weather so they could burst open with new growth. In the second photo a rose hip from last summer adds a little colour to the ground where snow is melting. The hips contain seeds that will ensure another generation of wild roses around my property.

I was pleasantly surprised to see green plant life where the snow had already melted. I guess that the bright green plants are evergreens because the snow hasn't been gone long enough for this type of growth to occur. As well, the weather hasn't been warm enough to promote that type of growth.

The photos today are examples of the theme for my Photo of the Day ... EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE

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