Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Theme Revealed


Yesterday most of you guessed that the theme was counting in consecutive numbers. Thanks for the 35 of you who made guesses.

In the beginning, I planned to send two photos a day until someone guessed the mystery theme. I sent the extra photos because a few people were getting close and I thought I'd give the extra hint (3 photos with groups of 3 and 4 photos with groups of 4).

Of course, I had five headstones and six blueberries lined up. :) and it was getting more difficult to find photos with numbers of objects.

The most common guesses up to yesterday were:
  • water
  • spring
  • tourism attractions
  • summer
If you wish to view other photos of graveyards:

Or Blueberries:

1 comment:

bearkat said...

good morning bruce!.....was never too good with numbers...but this was still fun to see what the end result was!!!! have a good day!!