Monday, October 08, 2007


Fall has arrived here in the Holyrood area. Grasses have all turned to straw, leaves are changing colour and withering, many plants are starting to "die" off, and we have had at least one heavy frost. This morning I am sharing 2 photos taken on September 22, during my last hike to the hills behind my house.

The first photo was taken after a 40 minute walk to the base of the first of three ridges that I visited all summer. The bog has a small pond that had many frogs throughout the summer. You can observe the straw-like colour of the grasses in the pond.

The lily pads are also changing colour from a green to yellow. I have photographed lily pads often over the past few years. I particularly like it when the first ice forms with the lily pads frozen within. The moose hunting season is open now and I haven't been walking much - too dangerous!

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