Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bauline South

Fog is common all around the Island of Newfoundland and adds to photos of the sea. Both photos this morning were taken near Bauline South, located on the Irish Loop about 40 miles from St. John's.

The first shows one of the islands that make up the Witless Bay Bird Sanctuary. This island is home to many Atlantic Puffins and Common Murres.

The second photo shows a tour boat returning to port. Because of the waves and swell of the ocean, the boat looks like it is partially under water. You can see that fog nearly covers the island in the background. I took this photo from the wharf in Bauline South.

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bearkat said...

good morning finding the pics interesting...especially since i have several friends through my chat room that live in nova scotia, new bruswick and really enjoying your site!! thanks!!!