Saturday, December 07, 2013



Villefranche, our second port of call, is located in the south of France along the French Riviera. It is a beautiful city, especially the Old Town which is located next to the harbour.  Though this was my third trip to this beautiful area, I still made several more images of the Old Town as we approached by tender from the cruise ship.  It was a beautiful, clear, sunny morning and I couldn't resist making the photos as we approached by water.

During our first visit to Villefranche, we had booked a tour to Monaco/Monte Carlo so we only had an hour or so to explore the Old Town.  We didn't book a tour during our second visit and spent the whole day exploring the narrow streets of the Old Town.  This time we booked a visit to Nice and Eze so our time in Villefranche was again limited.

The photos I am sharing this morning show the town from the ship just after the sun came up, other from the boat as we approached the town, and a few taken on the main street.

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