Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas 5

Christmas 5

Just 2 more days of Nativity Scenes in the Christmas Series.  After Christmas Day I will share other images of Christmas that I have in my files.  I received a couple more comments yesterday:

I read all the comments and looking thru your photos which are wonderful...different Christmas traditions. It is still not like the Christmases of our childhood years. I guess that is how it is with most people's childhood memories. I still buy Christmas cards with "Merry Christmas" - never have bought "Happy Holidays"...which could mean vacation time, Easter, etc. ha ha 
I find the whole Christmas / Holiday scene interesting and at the same time somewhat confusing... I myself have no problem with Merry Christmas, that’s what it’s all about... but many of those who profess to be Christians are missing in the churches... yesterday we went to George Street UC... it probably holds about 500-600 people at least, I looked around and estimated maybe 100 or so... so where are all those who have been filling my email box with “keep Christmas it’s not a holiday emails” ? 

It often seems like there are many out there who want to hold on to traditions etc, without doing anything themselves and let someone else keep it all alive while they roam the malls or stay home watching TV 
For me i would like to see Christmas focus on getting together with friends, relatives and others and sharing time, not gifts so much, we all have our homes filled with “things” and don’t really need more junk... 

Last Monday night i had one of the best Christmas experiences I most likely will have this whole Christmas. I went with fellow Anchormen Barbershop Chorus members and visited the Health Sciences where we sang some carols for a former member who is there waiting to get a bed in one of the homes, he has Parkinson Disease.... then we went to the home of another member up in Paradise who’s wife has been confined to bed for several years and can no longer get out to our concerts etc. To see the smiles on these two people’s faces, as well as our own, that’s what Christmas is all about..... it’s people sharing together, smiles, laughter, chatting and hugs.

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