Tuesday, December 10, 2013



In Villefranche, we reluctantly booked a tour to Nice and Eze, mainly because we wanted to visit Eze.  I asked about taxi fares from Villefranche to Eze, but the people on board didn't know the exact cost, but heard it was very expensive. Now that I have visited the community, if I ever get back to that area, I would hire a cab to EZE and forget Nice.

The tour to Nice was very short.  Basically, we drove to Nice from Villefranche,  got out of the bus near a famous walkway, then walked to the old town where we had a short period of time to explore. I took a few pictures as we walked along.

I was surprised to see that the rocks on the beach in Nice were as large as those on the beach here in Holyrood. I photographed a fisherman with a couple of rods set up on the beach.  I took a few photos through the bus window as we drove from Nice to Eze.

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