Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas 3

Christmas 3

This morning I have added another 6 images of Nativity Scenes to my Christmas Series.  With all the commercialization that dominates the Christmas Season, the "Away in a Manger" exhibition at the Basilica Museum focuses on the birth of Christ - the real reason for Christmas.

This year, I first saw Christmas decorations in stores in mid-August, then gradually over the next two months more and more stores decorated for the season.  Some stores played Christmas music by mid-October and most had festive music playing by November.  Santa appeared on TV ads during July - I guess Christmas in July will become more and more popular if sales show that Santa can bring people to stores in mid-summer. 

I remember a sermon during a Christmas service in which the minister talked about the fact that these days, Christmas is more about the economy than religion.  He figured that the economy of the Western World would collapse if, for some reason, there were no Christmas season.

We are beginning to lose "Merry Christmas" to the more politically correct, "Happy Holidays".  I heard a report just yesterday that one group took all references to Christ out of the Christmas hymn, "Silent Night" because they didn't want to offend non-Christians.  My question is, "Why would references to the birth of Christ offend anyone of a different religion or an atheist?"

Christmas has changed over the years, but now, because of over-commercialization and political correctness, its true meaning is being watered down and almost lost entirely. 

Comments on these points are welcome and, if I get a few, I'll share them over the next few days.

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