Sunday, December 08, 2013

Villefranche 2

Villefranche 2

I am relating the following story in case any of you find yourselves in a similar position.  We booked a tour for 12:30 PM and our tickets stated that we had to meet in the Platinum Theatre on board the ship.  I asked people at the Explorations Desk if I could meet the tour on shore because I wanted to explore the town before going on the excursion.  They said I could as long as I let them know about it at the dock.  When I arrived at the dock, I mentioned it to two security guards but they said that I had to go back to the ship, then come ashore again with the tour group.

To be safe, I reluctantly headed back to the ship to meet the group.  I had a little time so I once again went to the Explorations Desk and told them what happened.  They said that I could go ashore and meet the tour there - just make sure I had tickets.  By that time it was time to meet the group so I waited. I could have been ashore an extra hour if the security guys had been aware that I could meet my tour in the town.  

The photos I am sharing this morning were taken during my boat rides to town as well as a few taken as I walked along the streets of the Old Town.

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