Wednesday, December 11, 2013



Eze is a beautiful medieval village perched atop a mountain near Villefranche and Nice.  There was a bit of a climb (on pavement and good stairways) to get to this village, but it was well worth it!!  The tiny streets with some buildings built into the cliffs, archways, doors and windows all looking as it has for hundreds of years.  Of course, today this village is a tourist destination and mostly shops and hotels - at least on the streets I walked along.  But still, the photographic subjects for me were numerous.  Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to explore.

The streets in Eze weren't very crowded - most people on our bus turned back because of the climb, even though it wasn't very bad at all. And I think the same happened with another tour bus that arrived shortly after we did - so not many people made it to the top.

Walking around Eze was an interesting experience.  You could feel the history of the place and could easily imagine people going about their business there 650 years ago.

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William F Matthews said...

Really nice pics of Eze, Bruce. A great spot to explore and find surprises.

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