Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Split, Croatia 4

Split, Croatia 4

Sorry about not sending photos for the past week. My wife and I went to Halifax to visit my son and we were caught in the snowstorms that disrupted travel across the Atlantic provinces on Saturday and Sunday. Our flight was cancelled on Sunday and we couldn't get back until today. Even this morning, flights were delayed in Halifax because of fog, but thankfully, it lifted near noon and we were able to land in St. John's before the snow and high winds hit here. The joys of winter travel!

Today's travel photos of Split, Croatia show a group of men who were singing traditional sons in a huge cylindrical room which was open at the top. The acoustics were fantastic and their singing sounded phenomenal. As they sang, people stopped, listened and purchased CDs. They had a good thing going there.

Other photos include streets of the Old Town of Split. I really liked the arches, especially the photo of the man walking ahead of me.

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