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Ephesus, Turkey 1

Ephesus, Turkey 1

I skipped the photos of Ephesus because they would have followed the photos of The Acropolis in Athens and I didn't want to share more "ruins" at that time. On Christmas Eve, 2012 I shared my experience at Mary's House which is located in the hills above this ancient city. Today I am sharing images of the "wall of prayers" which is located near that house. As you can see, there are thousands of notes attached to the wall and each one has prayers left by visitors. Of course, many people pose in front of this wall.

I've also shared images of items for sale near the parking lot. To be honest, I thought it was rather irreligious to be selling these items near a holy place. I've also uploaded a photo of a sign that gives a brief history of the important city of Ephesus which dates back at least 6000 years. Visitors walk on the streets that famous people such as Cleopatra and St. Paul, among many others also walked. St. Paul wrote a letter to the Ephesians which is part of the Christian Bible and it is possible that St. John wrote the Revelations in this area.

Archaeologists are still digging into the hills all around the ruins and uncovering more and more of the city which, with a population of 250,000 in the first century, was one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean. If you are interested you can read much more of the history at:

As you look at the photos over the next few days try to imagine, as I did, what it must have been like 2000 years ago. My photos show the ruins of this magnificent and historical city as they are today. Besides the architecture of the columns and theatres you will see images of the pipes they used for running water and some of the bridges they built. One thing I have learned from my travels was that the Romans had engineers that were way ahead of their time and things they built certainly lasted a long time.

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