Sunday, February 24, 2013

Liberty of the Seas

Liberty of the Seas

When our cruise ship was "at sea" during the day, many people took advantage of the beautiful weather and one of the three adult pools or the children's water park. Others relaxed in the sun while working on their tans. A few walked around the walking/running track, though most serious runners and walkers used it in the early part of the day when there were fewer people around.

The FlowRider was popular with people of all ages and though I photographed quite a few people trying to stand on the small surfboards, most of them fell and were washed back to the starting point by the force of the moving water. For those interested, there was an ice-skating rink, rock climbing wall, mini-golf, a 3D theatre, and shopping on the Royal Promenade.

I've uploaded a selection of photos to my Blog that will give you an idea of some of the art, restaurants, shops and things to do aboard the Liberty of the Seas.

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