Sunday, February 03, 2013

Mykonos, Greece 10

Mykonos, Greece 10

This is the last in my Mykonos Series for now. A couple of people have informed me that the photos brought back memories of their Greek Islands vacations and I wondered how many people of you have visited Mykonos, or other Greek Islands, before? Of those who have visited, were you on a cruise?

Another person asked how I could leave such interesting places after just a few hours and I have to admit that it is difficult sometimes, but that is the nature of cruising. And, it also one of the things I like - every day you are in a different place. In some of the places I visited, I would love to stay longer and explore the cities and countryside, but cruising takes you to a variety of countries and cities and gives travellers a chance to see a lot at a reasonable cost.

When I saw the wine glasses with paint I thought it must be an art studio, but soon realized it was an ad for a piano bar. It is bright, colourful and different sign that certainly caught my attention.

As we headed back to the ship, the street was narrow and was really an extension of the shops. It was like walking though the narrow aisles of some of the stores around here, except it was outside.

I enjoyed, and photographed, every musician performing in streets of places I visited. I am a fan of World Music and even like listening to the words, though I don't understand what the songs are about. As well, some of the instruments are very different.

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