Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Venice 2

Venice 2

After our cruise ship docked, my wife and I decided to go into Venice and have a look around. I sat by a window seat on the taxi boat so I could take a few photos along the way and even though I photographed the buildings from the ship on the way in, this provided a much different angle so all the photos are different.

Upon our arrival at the dock, we walked towards Piazzo San Marco (St. Mark's Square), probably the biggest tourist attraction in Venice. I stopped to make photos of several gondolas that were docked and waited until a gondolier passed by to make the image. You can also see a church and bell tower in the distance. I photographed several artists who were creating and selling art and I've included one of the paintings this morning.

The Doge's Palace, built in the 1300's, is quite ornate is an example of Gothic architecture. Unfortunately, I didn't get an opportunity to tour this beautiful building. Just as I made a photo of one of the interesting lampposts with St. Mark's Basilica in the background, a couple of pigeons took flight making the photo more dramatic. I've included some of the artwork from the outside of the palace.

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