Sunday, August 28, 2011

Croatia 5

Croatia 5

I am back on my email version of Photo of the Day after 10 days. Even though members of the email list didn't receive the email version I have uploaded at least 60 photos of Ravenna, our last stop in Italy, and over 80 of Croatia to my Photo of the Day Blog. I invite those of you who don't check my Blog to check it out at Photo of the Day Blog.

Today I've chosen images of Croatians dressed in traditional costumes. In the first photo you'll see a gentleman illustrating the process of making corn flour. The young lady with a tray of drinks greeted us as we got off the bus. She had samples of several local brandies and a couple of sweet wines made from local grapes. As we approached the country house where we had a local, three-course meal, three musicians played some traditional music Croation music for us.

From comments heard afterwards, everyone on this tour seemed to enjoy it as much my wife and I. In fact this was our favourite of all the tours we took in the Mediterranean.

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