Monday, August 15, 2011

Venice 14

Venice 14

I am nearing the end of the Venice series and have chosen more people pictures to share with you today. As you can see, I shoot candid photos of people going about their daily activities and I seldom pose a person in front of a building or other attraction. Over the years, I watched as people were photographed in front of the strangest things. The wierdest was a couple of women who were having their pictures taken in front of a public washroom sign at the Barcelona airport. I've seen lots of people being photographed in front of restaurants, buildings, mountains, lighthouses, boats, etc. but that was one of the strangest I have ever seen.

The first shows an artist at work. Interestingly, the artists create artwork for sale right on the street where one can watch the creative process. I've uploaded a few more of artists to my Blog this morning. The second shows a young girl feeding pigeons in St. Mark's Square. Quite a few people were feeding pigeons there and I made a few images.

As I walked along the narrow streets of Venice a door opened ahead of me and a woman dressed in a shawl and long dress stepped through a doorway. She was smoking a cigarette and walked so fast that I could barely keep up with her. I was able to get a photo of her just as she quickly turned the corner. Later, I saw her begging for money on a busy street. Nearly everywhere I travelled in Europe, I saw many ladies dressed like that who were begging for money on a street, near churches, and near tourist attractions. I wondered if they really needed the money or just begged for cash for a living. I can guarantee that this particular person wasn't disabled because she could walk much faster than I. I guess most people don't give them cash because they know that it is possible that they are just trying to get money from tourists.

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