Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Venice 1

Venice 1

As the Brilliance of the Seas slowly made its way to the dock in Venice, we had a phenomenal view of the city from our 10th floor balcony. Today's photos are a selection of images I made as we entered Venice. All were made using my Canon EOS and my 17-40 mm and 70-300 lenses.

I expected to see a lot of boats in Venice, but the numbers of boats all around us was astounding. It seemed like boats of all sizes were going in all directions. Of course, if one lives in Venice a boat would probably be a necessity since there are no vehicles or bikes anywhere to be seen.

Today's photos show several views of the bell tower in St. Mark's Square, one of the main tourist attractions in the city. The fifth image shows the entrance to the Grand Canal, the main canal that winds its way through the city. The sixth photo shows several gondoliers taking tourists for gondola rides through the small canals of the city.

My wife and I decided not to take tours in Venice and take the opportunity to explore this interesting city on our own. We arrived around 1:00 PM and didn't leave until around 8:00 PM the following evening so it wasn't as rushed as in other ports. I took two separate photo excursions into the city and took over 1600 photos in the time I was there.

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