Monday, August 22, 2011

Ravenna 5

Ravenna 5

Another of my favourite photographic subjects is Windows and I have shared several images from other cities in Europe. However, in Ravenna I tried a few that are different from those I usually shoot. Normally windows in churches are stained glass that illustrate stories from the Bible. The windows in three of this morning's photos were made of alabaster, a mineral that allows light to pass through when cut very thin.

I've already discussed how to cut down on reflections when shooting through store windows and I used that technique when making images of modern day mosaics for sale. The window with steel bars and flowers also caught my attention. I liked the very thin window in a brick building. I am not sure of the purpose of such an odd shaped window or the tiny holes above it.

On our cruise ship there was an interesting photo of a store window with vivid reflections of the street. As I walked along the streets of Ravenna I saw two mannequins dressed in what appeared to be Roman togas. In the window were reflections of arches, buildings and people walking by. The image reminded me of ancient Romans looking through the windows of time at the modern city. I tried the same technique with the lamp in the last photo but didn't think it was as successful as the others.

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