Monday, August 08, 2011

Venice 7

Venice 7

Making photos of Venice when there weren't crowds of people around was very different, especially when trying to capture photos of people: no one walking into the scene, no one stopping in front of the subject and no one walking into me. As a result, I was able to get more photos of people during my second visit to this beautiful city.

While walking over the Rialto Bridge I saw two ladies taking photos near a gondola along the Grand Canal. I used my Nikon P500 and was able to make an image of one taking a picture of the other. I've uploaded another photo of these people to my Blog so you can see the difference in two images of the same subject.

I turned a corner and saw a man sweeping a street with a broom made of twigs. Unfortunately he wasn't alone, but with my much faster Canon EOS, I waited until three of the people were behind the sweeper and made the image.

Since it was early I saw many gondoliers standing on bridges waiting for passengers to come by. I walked past the guy standing on a small bridge then turned and made a few images of him relaxing in the early morning sun.

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