Tuesday, March 15, 2011


in 1984 I was teaching in Whitbourne a small town about 25 minutes drive from my home in Holyrood. I always took my camera with me in case I saw something interesting on my daily commute. I stopped many times to photograph moose, clouds, ponds and sunrises. Today's photos were taken in the winter of 1984.

The sun was rising in the fog and there was ice on the lakes that morning. I knew the trees would be silhouetted against the early-morning, golden sky so I included trees and a bit of land to contrast with the bright sun and ice.

People often describe photographs of sunrises and sunsets as "peaceful". I try to watch as many sunrises and sunsets as possible and each one gives me a feeling of peace and joy. Photography allows me to share a scene and feelings I first experienced one cold winter morning 26 years ago. I always encourage people to watch the sun rising and setting; to take a few minutes each day to experience a little peace and quiet in their lives.

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