Monday, March 28, 2011

K - Kids

K - Kids

Who would have thought that I would be sharing more photos of kids so soon? I had trouble finding slides with photographic subjects starting with K so when I saw the photos of kids on a winter field trip in Norris Arm in the late 70s, I figured it would be a good follow-up to yesterday's images.

The first photo shows the whole class (I count 16 kids) as we arrived at our trail. A few of the kids had snowshoes and several had cameras (certainly not digital back then). The little girl in the second photo was shaking the limbs of a tree to make snow fall on her. If I remember correctly, this was a Grade 5 class and we studied animal tracks and the types of plants growing near a pond and how they change as you get farther from the water. Some kids took pictures and we later wrote poems about winter. It was a great project and we certainly enjoyed our day outdoors.

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