Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Kittiwakes are small seagulls that live around Newfoundland and Labrador during the summer months. These are common birds in the North Atlantic and I have photographed them in a couple of different bird sanctuaries around the island. They are excellent fliers and can be seen near schools of capelin coming to shore to spawn. I am always amazed at the spots on a cliff that they decide to land.

The first two photos were taken near the northern gannet colony in Cape St. Mary's. The kittiwake was sitting on a cliff that was very shady. The only thing getting sunlight was the bird which, because it was so bright, caused the background to be completely black.

The kittiwakes in the next three images were photographed at the Witless Bay bird sanctuary. The bird in the third photo was just landing on a precarious spot - I was amazed at how it kept its balance in this location.

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1 comment:

William F. Matthews said...

Photographing birds is not easy, and this applies double to white ones a/c overexposure problems. Well done.


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