Saturday, March 05, 2011

Boats 7

This morning I chose boats that were on land instead of the water.

The first shows a boat in Quidi Vidi Village in St. John's. The boat itself looks like it is in good condition and I remember thinking it was an interesting composition: the boat with grass all around instead of water, the poles that seemed to be keeping the boat upright and the hills in the background. If you stood in the same spot today, there would be many more houses in the background.

The second boat was also partially supported by poles but it looked as though the boat in Witless Bay had warped. This boat is in much worse shape than the one in the first photo.

Three boats hauled out of the water for the winter made an interesting photo in Holyrood in the early 80s. The wharf in the background fell into a state of disrepair and was taken down not long after I made this photograph. As well, in the top right you will see a few buildings which no longer exist. The fourth photo was also taken in Holyrood on the same day.

A couple of boats pulled up on a slipway in Salvage caught my attention during a visit there in the mid-eighties. I've been back there several times and have shared more recent images with you previously.

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