Friday, October 03, 2008

Z - Zoos

One would think that photo themes with the letter Z would be hard to find, but I probably have enough images of Zoo Animals that I could do an entire A-Z Theme. :)

The first image is a montage of zoo animals with a semi-transparent zebra background. The photos of the animals in that image were taken in Naples Zoo and Busch Gardens in Florida. The second two images show two primates that I photographed at the Naples Zoo when I visited there two years ago.

If you search for zoo on my Blog, you will find comments that reflect my feelings on zoos. I have shared these feeling previously so I won't elaborate on it again today.

There are a 30 more photos of zoo animals on my Blog.-
Photo of the Day Blog. You will notice that I have referred to my Blog and/or web site in all recent Photo of the Day comments. Statistics show that the numbers of visitors to my Blog have increased and I suspect that is because many of you are visiting that site. Feel free to share the address of my Blog with family and friends. I started my Blog over two years years ago and today's post is number 768.

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