Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I am sharing a few more photos of birch trees. Yesterday's photos showed wide views of a forest full of birch trees. When I am walking through the woods I also take close-up photos and today's images illustrate this.

The first photo shows the bark of the birch tree. I have always found it interesting that the bark peels off like paper. As a school child I learned that Beothuck (native people of the island of Newfoundland) made canoes from birch bark but I could never understand how a canoe made of "paper" could ever float. A couple of years ago I visited Bear River Reservation in Nova Scotia and they were building a birch bark canoe and, after all these years, I understood.

The second shows a close-up image of a leaf that is still partially green, but you can see that the edges are yellow and starting to decay. I assume the holes in the leaves were made by insects during the summer.

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bearkat said...

I remember doing crafts at summer camp with birch bark! That was a little trip down memory lane. There sure is something special about the fall colors as there are with each of our seasons! Thanks Bruce.