Saturday, October 04, 2008


Thanks for the positive feedback regarding the A - Z theme for my Photo of the Day. I have to admit that some letters were a challenge, but enjoyed selecting possible photos and have chosen quite a few for upcoming weeks. I will probably do another in a few months. :) Feel free to comment on the A-Z Theme that I have just finished.

This morning I chose three photos of food that were taken during a function at work. People probably think I am a little strange because I photograph all types of food especially when there is a wide variety. To be honest, I haven't sold a food photo yet, but students at school use them when they are studying nutrition! Today's photos really illustrate the theme - EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE.

When I started my Photo of the Day back in 2003, I used to send 1 photo only, but as time went by, I started sending 2 or more every day. During the A-Z theme, I uploaded more photos to my Blog than I sent to people on this list so they can choose to view them if they wish. As well, I know a few of you are still on "dial-up" and have to wait for several images to download (even though they are not large files).

I would like your input regarding the number of images to send. Just click on one of the choices below and SEND.

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