Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Grand Marnier

The result of the survey I sent on Saturday is as follows:
Only a few votes came in yesterday, so this is the final update unless there are many more people who vote today. It looks like the majority want me to continue sending more than one photo per day. My apologies to the people on dial-up, but it looks looks like it will be the status quo. Actually, several people requested that I send more photos every day. :)

Continuing with my EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE Theme, I am sharing images of a bottle of Grand Marnier with two glasses on a table in our house. The lighting caught my attention so I used a tripod without a flash to try to capture the soft colours and keep the image in focus. The first image was cropped from the second.

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bearkat said...

Cool! I think we are all enjoying your pictures and blog!!!:):)