Friday, May 30, 2008


This morning I am sharing a couple of photos taken from my front deck. Approximately 150 feet from the house there is a small pond around 20 feet in diameter. The quality of the photos isn't that great because of the lateness of the day, and the views don't show much of the property, but I plan to photograph the entire property throughout the summer and share more with you.

The first photo is an image of several birch trees that are growing between my house and the pond in the background. The leaf buds are stating to open after a few warm days. I focused on the trees which were brighter because of the setting sun and you can barely see the pond because of the shade.

The second is a wider view that shows part of the driveway. I used some crushed rock (that I raked) to build a little trail around part of the pond. (We are considering putting a few small fish in it.) The lower part of the land was completely shaded and when I focused there, I knew the photo would be too bright but I wanted to show you a better view of the trail.

As you can see, we are living in the woods.

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