Friday, May 09, 2008


A few people have asked for photos of my house so today I am sharing a few images of my house and land.

The first photo shows that we are on the top of a fairly steep hill. You can also see where I have been raking and moving rocks in an effort to level the land a little.

The second photo shows a wall of rock around 3 feet high that I have moved there with a rake - a LOT of rocks!!

The third shows a bank of soil that I have been digging to use as fill to level the ground immediately around the house. I have learned that digging with pick and shovel is good exercise. :)

I included the fourth photo to show what the land around the house looked like before I started moving soil. As you can see, it is not level and is mostly rock! My plan is to put a couple inches of topsoil over the levelled land, then seed (or hydro-seed) it giving me a small lawn around three sides of the house.

There is no end to the landscaping I will have to do and I am certain it will take a few years to get at it all! If any one has landscaping hints or knows of a good website to check, feel free to let me know.

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