Monday, April 21, 2014

Gone Forever 5

Gone Forever 5

This is the last in this series for a while.  I will definitely return to it because I have many more photos of houses and outbuildings that are Gone Forever, or are abandoned and in pretty bad shape.  I've gotten a lot of response on Facebook and some of the houses and occupants have been identified.

I shared the first photo of a house in Perry's Cove on this Blog on February 14, 2011 and later received an email from someone who grew up there.  The house with Pepsi sign was photographed in George's Cove near the Town of Brigus in Conception Bay.

I shared photos of two red sheds in HIbb's Cove on the Port de Grave Peninsula on March 27 ( you can view the photo at: ) The largest shed in the above photo no longer exists.  The fishing stage, also in Hibb's Cove, finally fell into the ocean several years ago.

The little shed in Holyrood was used to keep hens, ducks and rabbits and no longer exists.

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