Friday, April 18, 2014

Gone Forever 2 - Holyrood

Gone Forever 2

Today's photos show sheds that I have photographed in the Town of Holyrood that have been torn down and are now Gone Forever.  I am glad I made these photos because they capture a little of the history of the town.  Over the years I have taught many photography and media courses and have encouraged my students to make photos of the houses and outbuildings in their own communities.  I wonder how many of them actually did?

The barn and shed in the first four photos were photographed on the Salmonier Line and those two buildings as well as the house have made way for a modern home.  The yellow shed was on Country Path and always caught my attention when I drove along this road.  In recent years it has been developed and many new homes have been built there.

The red barns were located on Tubrett's Road and one was replaced by a smaller shed several years ago and a small greenhouse replaced the other . The little vegetable garden no longer exists and has grown over.   The was something about the red shed that attracted my attention and I photographed on Ridge Road many times including the last three images today.

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