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Today I am sharing photos that were taken as I drove through Colliers, Conception Bay on April 8, 2014.  However I am also including 3 that I took in 2001 so you can make a comparison and see how much things have changed in 13 years.

I photographed the yellow fishing stage with a fish plant that is no longer used looming in the background.  Since the collapse of the cod fishery and decline in the harvest of other species of fish, I see many fish plants that have been abandoned.  As well, smaller fishing stages have been deteriorating and falling into the sea.  I usually make photos of those that are being maintained.

I saw the ship, Hamilton Banker, listing against the rocks near the fish plant and made a couple of images.  Hopefully it can be fixed up and used again because it doesn't look like it is too bad a shape.

As soon as I saw the shed with the side gone, I knew I must have photographed it previously.  I am including an image of it taken in 2001 when it wasn't in too bad a shape.  The house that was next to it is gone completely and I've included a photo of that as well.  The other house doesn't appear to have changed as much, at least on the outside.

In case you are wondering, the bridge over the brook leads to a house.  Unfortunately, I didn't make a photo of it but will have to make a point of doing so during my next visit.  The concrete wall with 1953 etched into it was the location of an old house that I think I photographed with slide film.  When I come across it, I will share both photos.

I don't want to give viewers the impression that Colliers is a poor town with houses that are falling down.  I have included an image of a newer home, not too far from the others shown this morning as a comparison.  It's just that I make photos of the older homes because I am keeping a photographic record of them before they disappear forever, like the house in the first photo above.  

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